• Presentation of Vassilopoulos Bros S.A.

    Presentation of Vassilopoulos Bros S.A.

    Introduction to potential partners

A few words
about the company

Our company, Vassilopoulos Bros S.A. operates in the field of fertilizers' production since 1971 and specializes in the production of organic (organic-chemical), biological, soil-amending, water-soluble fertilizers and composts.

The Mission, the Vision and the Principles of our company are mentioned below:

The Mission of our company is both the production and distribution to growers, of high quality, innovative and revolutionary organic-chemical, biological, soil-amending fertilizers and composts for an integrated fertilization of crops culture with a simultaneous improvement of the fertility and structure of the soil, as well as an improvement of crops' performance.

The Vision of our company is to assist remodel cultivation values in general towards the production of quality fertilizers, always respecting the environment. Our company pursues to maintain its leadership in the Greek Market and establish as one of the dominant and most remarkable in its category in the area of South-Eastern Europe. 

Our company's main principles are the following:

  • Honesty – Respect
  • High quality of Products and Services
  • Long-lasting partnerships with both customers and suppliers
  • Innovation
  • Well-trained personnel
  • Sustainable development



Messrs. Periklis, Ioannis, Vassilios and Giorgos Vassilopoulos jointly found a drugstore in the area of Patras.

Establishment of Vassilopoulos Bros S.A., registered in Patras and operating in the field of commerce of chemical raw materials, pharmaceuticals, agricultural fertilizers and pesticides.

Branch creation in Athens.

Company's business expansion in the field of organic fertilizers.

Mr. Periklis Vassilopoulos assumes leadership duties in the company.

Company's division. Headquartered in Athens, and with facilities in the Magoula region, Vassilopoulos Bros S.A. is founded as an S.A. after share capital increase, operating in the production of organic fertilizers.

Beginning of compound organic fertilizers’ production.

The Company realizes its first sales in international markets.

Beginning of biological fertilizers’ production.

The Company takes leadership both in organic and biological fertilizers fields.

Company's business expansion in the field of water-soluble fertilizers.

The Company takes first place in sales in the field of organic-chemical fertilizers. It holds this place until today.
Vassilopoulos Bros S.A. is a family company with a registered capital entirely consisting of own capital, as well as self- owned facilities. Company's progress was and continues to be systematically high and stable; it is now known among Greek growers as one of the most innovative companies of our country, producing the most qualitative fertilizers of Greek market. Since 2005, Company's progress to development was crucial in this direction. For the last seven (7) years the Company is a leader in the fields of production of biological and organic fertilizers, being first in sales in the domestic environment with more than 50% of the total fields' turnover. For the last ten (10) years the company has extrovert characteristics performing expansion operations of its business in international markets. Indicatively, Company has significantly penetrated till today Skopje, Cyprus, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia markets.

General information and company's products

The most important products of our company

  • «Golden Humus M-80»
  • «Biohumous Leonardite V.P.»
Our company has started its activity with the production of these products. They form the spine for the totality of our products since they are contained in their compound at a percentage ranging from 25% to 54%. «Golden Humus M-80» and «Biohumous Leonardite V.P» are part of the soil-amending fertilizers’ category. Their greatest part consists of leonardite, the most effective and, at the same time, the most qualitative organic substance of the market. Leonardite, after a special brewing process carried out in our facilities, contains humic and fulvic acids at a percentage ranging from 10% to 12%, as well as 50,000,000 beneficial microorganisms per product gram. This is a mineral product, free of phyto-pathogenic substances, as it is collected from places situated at least two meters underground. Soil regeneration, effective activation and transfer to the plant of all N-P-K units are only some of the most important benefits of this organic substance's incorporation to our products. «Golden Humus M-80» and «Biohumous Leonardite V.P,» products are developed through all these years, from the foundation of our company till today, so that their application on crops bears the best, unbeatable results.

Indicatively, the most popular product ranges produced by our company, per fertilizer category, are the following:

Organic/ Organic-Chemical fertilizers: «Complehumosan M-80» and «Humo Vas M-80» product lines are specialized, compound organic-chemical fertilizers (with trace elements) with unbeatable results targeting to the rational fertilisation of crops, covering in this way plant needs in all nutritional elements improving at the same time soil fertility and stricture. It is worth mentioning that many customers who tried these products have become ''loyal''.

Biological fertilizers: «Super Eco-Vas» and «Oftel» product lines were created in order to compete standard types of fertilisers. In the beginning of the attempt, this target seemed to be unachievable. The application of these types was reaching 50% of the results of standard products. After ten (10) years of research in finding the ideal (appropriate and qualitative) raw materials and trials regarding the best fertilization times, the most effective techniques / methods of fertilization and the ideal quantity per occasion, we have managed to succeed in what has initially seemed to be impossible. These products bring better or at least equivalent quantity results compared with the standard ones, but more than improved in terms of quality. Moreover, applying these products to crops, growers actively contribute to environmental protection.

Composts: In the category of composts, «Compost Torf» product line has acquired loyal customers in the Greek Market. This type is also used in Biological Agriculture as it is composed by 93% of high quality white peat (in contrast to black peat, blonde has a very low water content, low moisture content and thus the amount of white peat that can fit in a bag is almost double compared to that occupied by the black) and it is supplemented with perlite and biological fertilizer (Super-Eco-Vas).

It is noteworthy that 80% of customers who bought one of our company's products once, stay active until today.

Benefits and comparative advantages of our products


The combination of the most qualitative and effective organic substance (Golden Humus «M-80») with high quality N-P-K units and trace elements constitutes the most complete care for both plants and the soil. The principal benefits of our products’ application are mentioned below:
  • Improvement of soil structure, ensured by the presence of «Golden Humus M-80» in all our product types.
  • Improvement of soil fertility through enrichment with beneficial microorganisms and activation already existing microbial population in the soil.
  • Release, protection (organic-mineral molecules) and mobilization of bound nutrients (cations) in soil colloids.
  • Adjustment of soil P.H.
  • Protection of fertilizer nutrients from bindings or leaching (protection of the groundwater table) and utilization of inorganic fertilizers coming from previous fertilizations.
  • Direct provision of humic-fulvic acids to the plant since the first stages of its growth.
  • Improvement of soil's moisture capacity and growth of a rich root system.
  • Temperature increase in the plant's rhizosphere (because of the product's black colour) and, also, protection from low temperatures (frost).
  • Improved soil analysis with more organic substance
  • Increase of production and quality improvement of products manufactured
  • Accomplishment of plants' longevity and stoutness
  • The best solution for denitrification

Comparative benefits of our products compared to alternative market solutions

Integrated and balanced nourishment, without losses: clustering of N-P-K units both with trace elements and the organic substance («Golden Humus M-80») results to the supply of all nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium units without losses (they are not washable, as it happens with the application of inorganic fertilizers to crops) providing thus full nourishment, steadily and effectively.

Resource saving: Applying our products in plants full nourishment is achieved; no additional fertilization actions are necessary, unlike the widely popular method of fertilization (of soil-amending, inorganic fertilizers and trace elements) in two or three different stages. This results to resource saving (reduced time, minimization of fertilization costs). Three fertilizations in one are achieved.

Figure 1 presents comparative benefits of our products compared to alternative market choices.

«Figure 1: Competitive Advantages of our products against alternatives»

The most appropriate areas to apply our products

Features of environmental conditions (climate, soil, etc.), where our products present comparative benefits related to competitive ones.

Despite the fact that our products are mainly used where products of other companies are also used, in adverse environmental conditions (climate, soil, plant stoutness) they present strong comparative benefits against all others.

In adverse environmental conditions, plants should be healthy and have very strong defence mechanisms. With the addition of the organic substance («Golden Humus M-80»), trace elements and N-P-K units to our products, its nourishment is complete, balanced and more effective compared to the performances presented by other competitive products on the market. Furthermore, the application of our products on crops improves soil fertility and structure and effectively regulates P.H. (calcium or sulphur is also included in our products). As a result, the plant is shielded and may develop appropriate defence mechanisms.

Features of soils where our products are ideal for use

Sandy soils with organic substance deficiency:

  • Coastal areas with agricultural development
  • Areas / places with desert (e.g. Africa etc.)

Systematically cultivated soils:

  • Areas where horticultural products are cultivated (tomatoes, watermelons, cucumbers, etc.)
  • Areas where cereals, cotton are cultivated

In soils with calcium deficiency (low P.H. acidic soils):

  • In mountainous areas
  • In coastal areas

In solils with high P.H. ( alkaline soils)

Products presenting penetration ease and introduction speed in new markets

  • Golden Humus M-80:
    Especially in sandy soil areas or in greenhouses
  • Complehumosan N4 +Fe+Zn+B:
    (4-8-17+2+5%FeSO4+1%ZnSO4+0,3B+36%Org. Fertilizers): Especially in areas with horticultural plants , vineyards and olives
  • Complehumosan 10-8-18:
    (+3MgO+2FeSO4+1Bor): Especially in areas with horticultural plants, pomaceous fruits and peach trees areas
  • Profi Plus:
    Especially in areas where horticultural products and vineyards are cultivated
  • Complehumosan N3 + B:
    (10-8-12+3+0,3B+40%Org. Fertilizers)
  • Complehumosan N2-Calcium:
    (4-8-12+3+0,3B+1% ZnSO4+20%CaCO3+31% Organic fertilizers)
  • Super Eco-Vas 5-8-17:
  • Super Eco-Vas:

Features of customers we wish to approach

For us, the following features are considered to be very positive:

  1. Exclusive resellers
  2. Reliable customers interested in qualitative work
  3. Customers interested in long-lasting partnerships

Features of companies we would like to do business with / Partnership types we try to achieve

The goal of our company is to conclude strategic partnerships with reliable companies able to promote of crops' fertilization products in international fertilization markets. Our company looks forward to long-lasting partnerships aimed at a common vision and mutual profit.

Our company evaluates positively the following features in every new potential partner:

  • Targeting and provision of high quality services,
  • Indisputable promotion abilities of fertilizers in international markets,
  • Wide customer network,
  • Partners who aim at mutual trust and respect relations
  • Companies which adopt all our company values

Countries to which our company exports and our goal

Our company currently exports to Cyprus, Skopje, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia. In these countries, our company has long-lasting partnerships with customers, going back even ten years.

Our short-term aim is to find partners with the appropriate know-how, network and experience to promote our products, mainly in international markets, where our products have significantly comparative advantages compared to other products provided as alternative solutions.

Indicative customers of our company

  • KODELAS P. & Co



  • +30 210 5555398
  • +30 210-5558623
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  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our company, Vassilopoulos Bros S.A. operates in the field of fertilizers' production since 1971 and specializes in the production of organic (organic-chemical), biological, soil-amending, water-soluble fertilizers and composts.